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HmMm [11 Aug 2002|12:56pm]
I'm deleting my ujournal ~krazee_kerry .. and im gunna make either kerryz_gone_krazee? babe_a_licious? glow? shiimmer? shiine? piink_cherries? piinkness? cherriiez? .. or, if you have any other ideas lemme know. BTW, pick two.
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Thanks [07 Aug 2002|05:21pm]
Thank you Amber for making my background and helping me set it up .. I really appreciate it :]

Check out her journal dreamiish
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Yesh yesh i kn0w [06 Aug 2002|12:41am]
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Thankz [16 Jul 2002|09:58pm]
Thank you DanielLe for making me the bLinky kerRY, and aLso, for making me info danieiie

Thank you Erika for making me info babycakez1788

Thank you Kim for making me the info i have now eternallykim

Thank you all .. sorry I only used Kim's info that she made me .. I loved all of them .. except the one Danielle made me was blurRy, and the one Erika made me wasnt so even .. But thanks! ~<333 x0x
Love Shane

:o) [08 Jul 2002|10:08pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Hey everyone. This journal is Friends Only. My reason for this is, there some stupid people on here that I don't like. Grow up. So, because of them, I have to punish the good ones. If you want to read my journal and become livejournal friends, comment me and I will definitely add you!

Thank you Kim eternallykim for making my journal so pretTy! <333 x0x

Also, check out my other journal naughtybaybee

unO amOr; -» kerRy

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